Big results come from many small changes accumulated over time

"The implementation of shopfloor management, was another important step within our EFQM process and made us the benchmark leader in the meat processing industry."

Ralph Dausch - CEO Kaufland Fleischwaren, Germany

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Welcome to Kaizen Institute India

Today KAIZEN™ is positioned as an important pillar of a long-term competitive strategy by many successful corporations.

KAIZEN™ Guiding Principles

  • Good processes bring good results
  • Go see for yourself to grasp the current situation
  • Speak with data, manage by facts
  • Take action to correct root causes of problems
  • Work as a team
  • KAIZEN™ is everybody's business
  • And much more!
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Upcoming Training Courses

In this 4-day certification module, we bring to you the fundamental thinking behind the transition from the traditional ‘mass manufacturing’ paradigm to today’s ‘Lean’ paradigm. This change in thinking originates from an understanding of ‘waste’ as a reverse of ‘value adding’. As organisations peel off layers of fat (‘waste’) from manufacturing processes, they begin their transition to ‘Lean’.


The famed Sensei Hiroyuki Hirano was asked what kind of improvement policy should be adopted to make sure that a company survives competition. Without hesitation he answered, “The Five S. Companies that failed to implement the Five S will likely fail in their attempts to implement large-scale improvement. They will be out-distanced quickly by those companies that succeed.” Different workplaces in the factory have different characteristics. This program is designed as a practical, on-the-job learning exercise to make the learner adept at understanding, applying & auditing Five S in different work areas by working with teams from respective workplaces.


This workshop is designed by the global pioneers from The Kaizen Institute of Japan, introducing senior management of hospitals to sustain Lean implementation in hospitals – The KAIZEN™ Way!


This 2-day highly interactive and practical course will assist chemical, petrochemical, pharma manufacturing companies in achieving a competitive advantage by having an effective and well- managed operation. This program is designed to help leaders understand the ways of thinking, behaving & leading that builds a sustainable Lean culture in an Organization


Who works with Kaizen Institute India

A small selection of the clients we serve.

G. Sitaraman

"We have engaged Kaizen Institute as our partner for installing the concepts of Lean to promote the culture of continuous improvements across the organization in all our factories. Also, we are working with Kaizen Institute in the area of Lean Distribution to deliver products at the right time, right quantity and enhance the level of service to our customers at an optimal cost. We have seen good results with our implementation with the help of Kaizen Institute India."

G. Sitaraman - Chief Production Officer at Paragon Footwear

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