KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tour to India announced

Join our upcoming KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tour in the month of June and gain the better understanding of how KAIZEN™ can be successfully implemented & sustained.

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Welcome to Kaizen Institute India

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group enables leaders to achieve their performance dreams through continuous improvement of people, processes and systems. We diagnose problems, create awareness, draw roadmaps, lead implementation, develop experts and coach leaders to sustain business excellence. Therefore we not only help our clients to apply Kaizen but also help for sustaining improvements.

We introduced the kaizen methodology to the world in 1985. Today we are a global consultancy active in all sectors. Our 450+ professionals work to advance the continuous improvement body of knowledge. We research, publish and license various publications including books, training materials and online learning.

Kaizen Institute consultants challenge clients to help develop leaders capable of sustaining true continuous improvement in all aspects of their enterprise. 

You benefit in the market from our competencies by:

·         Reduced throughput times

·         Increased frequency of inventory turnover

·         Reduced inventory

·         Extended human capital knowledge base

·         Improved flexibility

·         Optimum quality

·         Reduced manufacturing costs

·         Improved productivity

·         Shorter term Return on investment (ROI)

·         Sustaining changes



Kaizen way to Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence was and will remain of prime importance for all industries. The definition, requirement, tools, management of quality, etc. is experiencing a paradigm shift and in order to remain competitive it is very important to keep abreast with the latest trends

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Kaizen Institute was invited for a SLIM day


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Indian SMEs have a lot of catching up to do

The Kaizen Institute Consulting Group (KICG) recently presented ‘Indizen – The National Convention for Operational Excellence’ in Pune with the theme ‘Making Zero Defect and Zero Effect a Way of Life’. Excerpts from an interview with Vinod Grover, Founder Director, KICG.

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Make in India Opportunity for the Youth

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PM of India speaks about need of kaizen to 'cut waste' & 'prevent misuse'

Public Training Programs Calendar - April to June 2016

We have announced public training programs at Ahmedabad, Vapi, Mumbai & Pune. The objective of these training program is to provide the participants a firm understanding, and practical insights so as to enhance their professional skills, thereby enbling them to apply the same at their respective sites.


Session on Operational Excellence for Business Excellence – Cut Waste, Not Cost!

ICICI Bank in association with Partners4Growth had organized an exclusive peer group meeting for promoters of SME companies to help them scale their business to the next level

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Top management conclave

We are glad to share that recently we ran a Top Management Conclave for the key stakeholders of Paragon Footwear @ Bangalore. This session was lead by Jayanth Murthy, Director, Kaizen Institute India.

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Session on Operational Excellence for Business Excellence for the key stakeholders of Nova IVI at Ahmedabad.

Session on Operational Excellence for Business Excellence for the key stakeholders of Nova IVI at Ahmedabad.


Kaizen Institute India (KII) was invited by Hindalco Industries Limited

Hindalco Industries Limited celebrated 10th Kaizen Anniversay and had invited KII during its rewards & recognition ceremony 2015. Hindalco has been a strong believer in Kaizen and has been practicing Kaizen from last 10 years in order to develop Kaizen culture within their organization.


Kaizen Japan Tour

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Excellence Inside Tour

The best practice tour is an integral part of the continuous improvement journey of any organization committed to excellence.


Kaizen Workshop by SAIL

Sensei Masaaki Imai, regarded as the father of continuous improvement, lectured on various aspects of Kaizen. Chairman SAIL C.S. Verma, along with Secretary Steel G. Mohan Kumar, directors of SAIL, and business excellence teams from across SAIL plants attended the conclave.



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