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7 QC tools, SMED, VSM, DWM, etc are just tools and if not used effectively. We develop and enhance "hands-on" professional skills so that your employees can drive and sustain the Kaizen principles in your organization using these tools. Our Kaizen/ Lean training courses are offered across the USA, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Our training is dedicated towards enabling continuous improvement by developing lean leadership and kaizen practitioners. Our Kaizen/ Lean training courses have been refined through delivery to tens of thousands of people worldwide. People who learn the kaizen methods are capable of bringing business benefits to companies and teams. Our courses range from 1 day to 12 days to 21 days. Depending upon the requirement the courses can be customized to suit the business requirement.

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We offer certification program which teaches practical approaches using a combination of formal classroom training, experiential simulations and games, and 'hands-on' practice at the Gemba. Our trainers are experienced consultants who enrich the learning experience with many examples and case studies. Enrolling in our training program allows learners to meet and network with others in similar roles, to share experiences and examples with peers.


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What makes our training programs unique?

Being a Japanese company we are not going to talk about Six Sigma Green Belt or Six Sigma Yellow Belt or Lean Six Sigma. The Kaizen Institute, through its renowned Kaizen College program, is dedicated to developing people, supporting improvement and creating leaders. Our highly rated training and education courses deliver proven business benefits to organizations investing in developing their teams. The Kaizen College teaches practical solutions, using both classroom and 'hands-on' practice at the real place where value is added, to show how improvement can be initiated and sustained. Each training program is unique and is designed as per the requirement and therefore it delivers just exactly what is required by the organization. The only objective of our training programs is to make our clients experts & fit. 

1. More than 450+ professionals training executives and employees across 30 countries serving more than 50 countries.

2. Our faculty members are consultants and coaches to large multinationals so they bring to the table much more than just academic knowledge. They have first-hand experience and industry expertise.

3. The curriculum is rooted in the current corporate reality, needs and practices.

4. The hands-on teaching is based on a unique combination of group-work, simulation games, factory visits* and case studies presented by managers in the industry 


The hand-on teaching is based on a unique combination of group work, simulation games, case studies presented by the managers, Gemba visits* & guest faculty.

Key outcomes

On completion of the training, participants will be able to:

- Provide quick response to changes

- Delegate responsibility to line workers

- Identify prioritized areas for improvement

- Develop skills required to both implement and sustain continual improvements

- Develop improvement metrics

Building Your In-House Kaizen/ Lean Certification Program

We help you to develop your own tailor made program to teach your employees Lean and Kaizen!

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