Kaizen Institute - Success Story

Agriculture - Viticulture

Leaders KAIZEN™, Flow Management, Productive Maintenance

Client Profile

A large wine manufacturer in Romania.

Improvement Potential

  • Viticulture processes, wine making and bottling are controlled by the current management technology
  • Current management technology is not oriented towards Continuous Improvement of process performance and the previous KAIZEN™ approach has not been further developed during the past 3 years
  • Marketing and production strategies are not correlated
KAIZEN™ success story mining

Root Causes

  • 82 improvement opportunities identified for working methods, leadership, technology, expertise and staff management
  • Leadership improvement through employees’ motivation, creating an organisational culture, optimal management of resources and better communication
  • Improving working methods (better quality, processes and products)
  • Improving the efficiency of processes (logistics, wine making)
  • Improving the skills and involvement of the employees
  • Improving the OEE and correlating performance
KAIZEN™ success story mining

Our Approach

  • Implementation of the KAIZEN™ Change Model
  • KAIZEN™ Leadership training for Top Management
  • Productive Maintenance in order to maintain technology performance of equipment
  • Quality Management and Flow Management to improve process quality and efficiency at all levels of the organization
  • Continuous training program in project management , problem solving and “training on the job”

Key Results

  • An increase of more than a half a million Euro revenue within two years
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