Once Again Announced Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training

29 Jun. 2018

  • The primary object of MPS is to improve productivity of the maintenance technicians. In general, the productivity (measured as wrench time) of maintenance technicians in plants working in reactive work culture ( ie plants  not following  MPS)  is below 30%.
  • What it means is that a mechanic working for 8 hours in a day spends just 2 hours 25 minutes doing value added work. The balance 5hrs 35 minutes get wasted in sourcing parts, waiting for parts, waiting for instructions, waiting for permits, travelling etc. etc.
  • By following MPS, delays during and between the jobs get reduced. As a result, productivity ie wrench time of the mechanics goes up to 50 % and above.
  • This helps the maintenance department to undertake more proactive work viz. Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Defect Identification, modifications etc. By carrying out more proactive maintenance activities, failures of the equipment get reduced.

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