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Kaizen Institute consultants have been helping companies make sustainable performance improvements for three decades. In India, KI has been in operation for 15+ years and we have served over 300+ clients. We have a dedicated team of 25 consultants & coaches. We have been supporting clients to achieve operational excellence. Whatever you call it Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, etc. the ultimate goal is to become Faster > Better > Cost Efficient.

Lean Implementations

Lean implementation or Lean manufacturing service is offered by many lean consulting companies in India but very few or none practice what they preach or has hands-on experience. Our consultants are experienced hands-on practitioners and coaches who believes in Lean principles and have done it. We assist client teams achieving great results by rapidly putting ideas into action and by building kaizen culture or building lean culture. The Kaizen Institute team is experienced in engaging with clients at all organizational levels. Our flexibility and ability to adapt Lean tools to the needs of your business is our major strength & this is what makes us unique and better when it comes to lean consulting companies in India.

Breakthrough results are achieved using a variety of learning-by-doing methods including kaizen events, value stream design workshops, professionally managed Lean projects & a belief in Lean principles from top management. The Kaizen Institute focus is on "helping you to help yourself" through knowledge transfer. We empower your people to implement improvements themselves, while working with leaders to build systems to sustain continuous improvement culture.

Improve Competitiveness

Kaizen consultants understand that their success is about getting results that the client can see and creating value that can be measured financially. Typical consulting engagements include a combination of:


The true meaning of kaizen is improving everybody, everyday, everywhere. We enable this by helping clients design and build their kaizen systems:



Kaizen argues that the PDCA Cycle interacts orderly with the SDCA Cycle in the process of Kaizen. It is just like a pair of indispensable wheels which make organizations advance.

The improvement requires PDCA Cycle to constantly ascend in a vertical direction, and the maintenance requires SDCA Cycle to constantly retain in a horizontal direction. In the analysis of Figure 4, the following conclusions can be drawn:

Firstly, Kaizen consists of many alternate processes of PDCA Cycle and SDCA Cycle. Secondly, PDCA Cycle drives SDCA Cycle. Lastly but not the least, the next PDCA Cycle will not start untill all of the periodical accomplishments are converted into standards to sustain the accomplishments.


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