at Kaizen Institute's Lean & Green Spaces, Pune (Office Live)

Two themes that will be integral to Operational Excellence in the near future are - Lean and Green. Both are focused on reducing/ eliminating waste - while Lean focuses on the classical eight wastes (muda), Green focuses on five environmental wastes (hazards).Our office in Pune named ‘Lean & Green Spaces ‘offers a unique opportunity to experience and observe real-life application of Lean principles & Green practices within an office environment. You get a chance to look at our office Live& witness Visual Management being practiced in a day-to-day setting. You may capture ideas that may trigger a revolution in your own office.

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Key Goals

To learn how to run a productive, visual, pleasant & healthy office work space that provides High Quality, Cost Efficient, Timely & Consistent service offering to its internal & external customers.

Why Lean & Green?

Lean - is a critical operational excellence strategy. Green - is a critical global/ survival issue. As responsible corporate citizens it is our duty to play a constructive role.

When applied to offices, taken together, these practices:

a. Simplify work processes

b. Enhance communication& teamwork

c. Lead to ‘Search-free’ workplaces

d. Increase productivity through ‘wait-free & minutes-free meetings’

e. Lower recurring energy &utility bills

Review by Mr. Vasanth  Kumar (Executive Director - Max Retail) 

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What to learn at a KAIZEN office live event


Flexible Office Best practice training room Working cockpit Organize
Rotating work places and responsibilities How to prevent something is missing? Everything important within reach A lot of little tweaks to save time and nerves.


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