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Public Services

Service Management

Client Profile

A provincial Ministry of Justice.

Improvement Potential

Our client was looking to reduce the wait time of charged individuals that were awaiting trial. Some charged individuals committed and were charged with additional crimes during wait period which further compounded the complexity of their cases, causing further delays. The ministry of justice asked Kaizen Institute for assistance with reducing the wait times.

KAIZEN™ success story mining

Root Causes

  • Redundancy of systems
  • Rework in scheduling
  • Volume of paperwork and complexity of forms
  • Transporting incarcerated individuals to/from court
  • Working hours of services
KAIZEN™ success story mining

Our Approach

  • KAIZEN™ trainings were delivered to the stakeholder team; Legal Aid, Clerk of Courts, Crown Prosecutors Office, Police and Judges
  • Current and Future state Value Stream maps were created during KAIZEN™ events and identifying opportunities to reduce the wait time and improve the quality of service

Key Results

  • Reduction of wait time ranging from 8 weeks to 4 months, depending on case complexity
  • Improved coordination between stakeholders with reduced paperwork and identification of single points of contact
  • Improvements in hours of service and shared electronic systems
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