The Kaizen Way to Operational Excellence

The half-life of a buzzword

If we look at the last 50 years in the history of management, it is interesting to find a number of words that gained currency and prominence for a time; and then faded away.

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The ‘People’ dimension of Kaizen

In continuation with the 'People' theme started in the previous issue, I would like to share with our readers, the following adoption from my learning from Sid Joynson:

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Kaizen - The People Development System

This Sunday morning in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, was bright, sunny & warm. As I thought about the theme of this message, my colleague Vijay Allaham mentioned an interview with Jonny Wilkinson, the famous rugby player. The interview starts with Jonny saying, “I live by Kaizen – a Japanese philosophy. It’s about continuous self improvement.”

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An Introduction to Total Environment Management (TEM)

Over the past few years, concerns over global warming, climate change and depletion of scarce natural resources have come to the forefront of global discussions as an intractable issue and an imminent threat to mankind’s wellbeing.

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The 30-year Journey of Kaizen Institute

It has been 30 years since Masaaki Imai wrote "Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success (McGraw Hill 1986)”, and the founding of Kaizen Institute. Future historians will no doubt mark this date in 1986 as one of the turning points in the progression of quality, productivity, and labour-management relations. Indeed, we believe that KAIZEN, along with information technology and the globalization of supply chains and services, are the top three economic innovations of the 20th century and these will have made a lasting positive effect on the world economy into succeeding centuries.

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8 More Lean Concept Clarifications

Everyday conversations with lean learners and lean practitioners show issues of erosion of meaning. In fact we could list lightly-learned or misinterpreted lean management principles from A to Z, but in this article we focus on 8 misinterpreted lean principles.

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Review for our Webinar "Daily Standards for Lean Supervisors" 

kaizen webinar

"Supervisors have challenging jobs responding to management, assisting associates, and responding to the often sudden challenges that emerge in safety, quality, and delivery. This is like being 'between a rock and hard place' for many supervisors." This is one of the reasons why our webinar "Daily Standards for Lean Supervisors", presented by Mike Wroblewski, Director of Kaizen Institute USA, was filled up quickly and received high remarks in a recent article from the IndustryWeek

IndustryWeek Kaizen Institute Webinar

Lean leanings 

lean article kaizen

Short-term survival and long-term success for New Zealand businesses in the global economic
crisis using lean management practices from Auckland Today

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Kaizen Advanced Training

Kaizen College Advance Training Article

  Advanced training – organized with KAIZEN methods

  Success story KAIZEN College: Global growth of knowledge

  Graduate Thesis by Lisa Kühhaas researching on the differences

  between KAIZEN and the Six Sigma

  Number of examined KAIZEN experts continuing to grow

  KAIZEN Tour in Japan inspired participants

  Kaizen Advanced Training Article


Kaizen Total Flow Management Model

Kaizen Total Flow Management Model

The TFM Management Model

Electrolux Italy: Creating the flow for Competitiveness

Siteco: Success is a Question of Strategy and Priorities

Masaaki Imai: The Flow is Essential to Become Lean

KAIZEN College India

Introduction: Paul Xanthopoulos

Kaizen Total Flow Management Model article


Buisness process improvement


 Markets Are Becoming more and more Compatetive.

 Global economy is in a bad shape

 Organizations are finding it difficult to run buisness the way it was being run in past.

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Fat to Lean Journey of Waste Elimination


 Any organization - Whether Manufacturing or service - has some kind of waste in its process and therefore it is very important for any organization to      Identify Reduce and Eliminate waste in order to Become Lean

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Flow In Healthcare 

 Flow is a Beautiful Word, Idea, Concept...to a naturalist it may remind them of the fast flowing, gurgling river. to the buisnessmen amongest us, it about  Cash Flow and to a Healthcare professional it isprobably about blood and oxygen flow!

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From Masaaki Imai to Mike Rother 

 For Years, Student and followers of Kaizen, TPS, WCM, Lean etc. Have grappled with some questions:

  •  What is the relationship between Kaizen & TPS?
  •  Is Kaizen part of TPS?
  •  Is TPS the outcome of Kaizen in Practice?

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Gemba Approach 

 The Key thinking here is that any problem solving or improvement steps should   not be guided by theory or opinions of any team members.                                                                       

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Kaizen Flag 

 People Development: People Involvement at all levels.

 Traditional Manufacturing was based on seperating planning from Production.However Kaizen Thinking strives to utilize its human potential to the  maximum.

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