Mercedes Benz adopts KAIZEN™ Trainings

From our deep on-site consulting roots, we have evolved and designed the comprehensive set of training programs to complement our consulting delivery. We support our clients to Learn (via training), Implement and sustain KAIZEN™ so that they can become faster, better and more cost efficient.

A key objective of any organisation is to develop an environment of learning and coaching, so that teams develop their own skills. Kaizen Institute, through its KAIZEN™ College programmes, is dedicated to developing people, supporting improvement and creating “Change Leaders”.

KAIZEN™ College teaches practical solutions, using both classroom and “hands-on” practice at the real place where value is added, to show how improvement can be initiated and sustained.

Recently we concluded in-house training Programs @

1. Company Name: Mercedes Benz

Topic: KAIZEN™ Basics

2. Company Name: Sandvik Asia

Topic: Pokayoke

3. Company Name: Hotel Golden Tulip

Topic: KAIZEN™ Foundation

4. Company Name: Dalberg Research Solutions

Topic: Office KAIZEN™ Basics & Process Mapping

5. Company Name: Golden Tulip

Topic: Nairobi on Total Flow Management

6. Company Name: MAN Ltd

Topic: KAIZEN™ 5S

Many companies have started their Operational Excellence journey

To start this Initiative at your company write to us.

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