KAIZEN™ and Lean in Hospitals

This workshop is designed by the global pioneers from The Kaizen Institute of Japan, introducing senior management of hospitals to sustain Lean implementation in hospitals – The KAIZEN™ Way!

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13. - 14. Aug. 2019



Our Training Goals

Healthcare Sector requires ultimate client/patient satisfaction purely based on the nature of the service it provides. A growing number of healthcare organizations are adopting and sustaining KAIZEN™ and Lean principles to increase their effectiveness through continual improvement.

KAIZEN™ is an approach that can support employees & physicians, eliminating roadblocks & allowing them to focus on providing care. It is a system for strengthening hospital organizations for the long term – reducing costs & risks while also facilitating growth & expansion. Lean principles focus on the removal of ‘wastes’ sometimes referred to as ‘Muda’ in Japanese. Operations that fail to create value for the end customer are deemed “wasteful.”

What you learn

• Better quality at lower costs
• Improved quality of healthcare delivery and safety
• Improved delivery and/or throughput
• Accelerating momentum
• Improvements in store / pharmacy
• Four corner exercise – KAIZEN™ Basics
• Introduction to KAIZEN™ / Lean in Hospitals - Seven flows in Hospitals
• Improvement by Deletion – What to delete? Video on 8 Wastes
• Paradigm & Paradigm shift – Understanding through the simulation Game
• Group work – KAIZEN™ Values & Principles - Presentation & Discussions by Teams
• KAIZEN™ Change Model (KCM) - The KAIZEN™ Way of Work & KAIZEN™ Logo
• Overview of Daily KAIZEN™ in Hospitals - Video on Daily meetings in Hospitals
• Simulation Game on Daily KAIZEN™
• Workplace improvement through Five S - Video, Simulation Game & Case study
• Visualization, Visual Control & Visual Management - Video on Visual management in Hospitals
• Overview of Support KAIZEN™ - Obeya room
• Overview of Leader KAIZEN™ - Video on Gemba walk by Leaders
• Improvements in different Hospitals – Case studies

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