01. - 01. Jan. 1970

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- Explanation of the examination procedure - Multiple choice test - Written individual task - Preparation of a team project - Presentation of the team project - Evaluation of the team project by the examination board - Presentation of results


This KAIZEN™ course introduces the participants to the powerful tool of Value Stream Design, understanding and designing business processes throughout the whole organization while improving the skills to eliminate waste and increase quality. Sharing of best practices and practical exercises will deepen the understanding of the course content.


Develop Professional Level Skills in Lean and KAIZEN™ Methodology and Technique. KAIZEN™ Green Belt Certification is a 4-day program that will focus on Intermediate Lean processes, covering a variety of Lean methodology that will empower you to recognize opportunities for Continuous Improvement of quality, cost efficiency and delivery/flow efficiency.


Daily KAIZEN™ está diseñado para abordar las herramientas de Mejora Continua al nivel del desarrollo y gestión de equipos. Enfocado en el papel de los líderes de equipo. El objetivo de KAIZEN™ Diario es potenciar la gestión y mejora diaria en los equipos.


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