5S Implementation & Audit - Certification

Certification Program on 5S - Implementation & Audit. 5S which is a workplace organisation method described by 5 words starting with "S" in Japanese or their equivalents in English Seiri-Sort, Seiton-Set in Order, Seiso-Shine, Seiketsu-Standardise and Shitsuke-Sustain

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29. - 31. Jul. 2019



27000 INR

Our Training Goals

The famed Sensei Hiroyuki Hirano was asked what kind of improvement policy should be adopted to make sure that a company survives the competition. Without hesitation, he answered, “The Five Ss. Companies that failed to implement the Five Ss will likely fail in their attempts to implement large-scale improvement. They will be out-distanced quickly by those companies that succeed.”

Different workplaces in the factory have different characteristics. This program is designed as a practical, on-the-job learning exercise to make the learner adept at understanding, applying & auditing Five S in different work areas by working with teams from respective workplaces.

What you learn

• Why Five S?
• What is Five S?
• Capturing current state
• SEIRI & SEISO – understand, plan & practice

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