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If Indian manufacturing has to survive & grow, it will need to be globally competitive. Most enlightened organizations adopt some kind of ‘Operational Excellence (OE)' practice, be it Lean, TPM®, Six Sigma, KAIZEN™, TOC or a mix of them.

However, they soon hit a plateau. That is because there is no standard blueprint to World Class. Therefore, management periodically need to know where they stand vis-à-vis contemporary practices so that they can steer their ‘Operational Excellence’ journey towards global competitiveness. In order to meet this need, Kaizen Institute has evolved a model of assessment which provides answers to the following questions:

·         Is our manufacturing operation globally competitive?

·         If not, what are the gaps? What do we need to do to bridge those gaps?

The model is known as KMAX (Kaizen Institute’s Maturity Assessment for Excellence)

Kaizen Institute's Maturity Assessment for Excellence (KMAX)

KMAX is the model, which evaluates Operational Excellence maturity over 5 levels – from 1 star to 5 stars. It is conceptualized by Kaizen Institute with an objective to; provide manufacturing organizations a globally benchmarked framework for assessing its operational excellence capabilities in the journey towards global competitiveness, and recognizing the achievements by awards/ medals.

KMAX is the premiere platform which provides an opportunity to get assessed & find out if your operations are globally competitive. The organizations will be recognized & honored with the prestigious "Imai Recognition for Operational Excellence" and "Imai Medal for Operational Excellence."

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We strongly recommend to get your factory assessed & get yourself benchmarked for operational excellence. This will be a step to further progress & develop your factory.

If you have any query related to KMAX, please write to india@kaizen.com 

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