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In an intensely competitive environment, Hotels are looking at ways to keep costs low while consistently delivering service excellence to attract and retain guests and differentiate themselves from competition. 

A proven, effective way to do this in other industries has been to embrace the principles of Lean Thinking. Lean is first and foremost about improving your service to customers while using minimal resources. Some fundamental Lean principles that can be applied in hotel consulting are: 

1. Understand exactly what your customer wants (not your managers!)

2. Understand how well you fulfill this demand.

3. Continually improve and streamline processes by eliminating waste and wasteful (non-value added) activities so processes are efficient.

4. Create a culture of excellence by engaging every single employee in improvement activities.

The key question to start the Lean Thinking practice is to ask:

•   How to re-engineer your operations to better meet the real customers’ needs?

•   What elements in our operation detract from the quality we want to offer and raise costs?

So if you are from Hotel industry and are willing to start or accelerate your ongoing program to get better results kindly get in touch with us to explore how Kaizen can support your requirement. Kaizen Institute has supported various hotels across the globe and has offered hotel consulting services to such firms.  


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