Is your manufacturing operation globally competitive?

Is your manufacturing operation globally competitive?

Manufacturing constitutes only 15% of India’s GDP in 2014. In order to provide jobs to India’s young population, this % is sought to be increased to 25% by 2025.

‘Make in India’ is government of India’s policy response to make this happen. Setting up manufacturing enterprises can only be a beginning. If Indian manufacturing has to survive & grow, it will need to be globally competitive. Most enlightened organizations adopt some kind of ‘Operational Excellence ‘practice, be it Lean, TPM®, Six Sigma, KAIZEN™, TOC or a mix of them. However, they soon hit a plateau. That is because there is no standard blueprint to World Class.

‘Operational Excellence’ is not a destination; but a journey of continual improvement towards a moving target. You never arrive; you just develop capabilities and cross newer milestones.

Therefore, managements periodically need to know where they stand vis-à-vis contemporary practices so that they can steer their ‘Operational Excellence’ journey towards global competitiveness. In order to meet this need, KMAX is a model of assessment which provides answers to the following questions:

•           Is our manufacturing operation globally competitive?

•           If not, what are the gaps? What do we need to do to bridge those gaps?

KMAX (Kaizen Institute’s Maturity Assessment for excellence) is the model, which evaluates Operational Excellence maturity over 5 levels – from 1star to 5 star.

Objective of KMAX

To support India’s overall objective of becoming a globally competitive manufacturing destination by

1) Providing a globally benchmarked framework for assessing manufacturing organizations in their journey to                   global competitiveness in operations; and recognising their achievements by awards/ medals.

2) Providing action guidelines to interested organizations for progressing to the next stage in their journey of                     excellence.


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