12. Jan. 2016

KAIZEN™ Support Organization

by KII

Empirical formula for required number of “Change Agents”

Training is focused at multiple levels and will touch everyone in the company:

  • All non managerial staff will go through a 2 to 3 day training in core KAIZEN™ foundation concepts
  • 5% of staff will go through the KAIZEN™ Coach process
  • All middle managers will go through a 2 day KAIZEN™ awareness session Regular refresher courses will be held at appropriate times
  • The focus is to embed KAIZEN™ in the DNA of the organization

CI / KAIZEN™ / Lean Organizational Structure

Role - Steering Committee

Steering Committee includes

- Management

- KAIZEN™ Manager

- Team Leader (Experts)

- Unions Council

- External Consultants


- Sets the direction of the process (Target Definition)

- Determines the scope of activities

- Ensures the availability of necessary resources

- Carries out audit regularly and ensures that corrections are made whenever necessary

- Provides acknowledgment and support in difficult situations


- Regular meeting  (Interval of 4-6 weeks)

- Duration max. 90 minutes

- Fixed structure for meeting

- Visualization and communication of results and decisions

Role - External Consultants/Trainers


- Support and coaching for the process of change

- Educating and training the parties involved

- Helping out in difficult processes and tasks

- Implement a system of visualization and result control

- Enabling implementation on-the-spot

- Securing the process through regular audits


- Execution of Gemba Workshops according to standards

- Helping in the creation of a “Road Map”

- Implementing regular audits

- Helping to create training plans

- Helping to build-up an improvement organisation

Role – KAIZEN™ Manager and Coordination Team


- Serves as interconnecting link between the Steering Team, the Teams of Experts and the affected departments

- Organisation of Workshops (Invitation, documents etc.)

- Verification of the implementation of actions

- Qualification of staff

- Coordination of Meetings, Trainings, Workshops


- Qualification measures for staff

- Road Map and coordination of Action plans

- Create and control standards for codes

- Visualization and presentation of successes

- Organisation of training for methods and techniques

Role – KAIZEN™ Coaches


- Execution and coordination of KAIZEN™ activities in own department 

- Education and training of colleagues

- Helping in the implementation of actions

- Maintenance of KAIZEN™ Board for own team


- Participation in the development of Standard Catalog

- Organizing the implementation of standards

- Documentation and monitoring of actions

- Audit planning in own area

- Visualization of the successes of own team

Role – Pillar Expert Teams


- Creation of rules guiding the respective knowledge pillars

- Creation of factory-wide standards and guiding rules

- On-the-spot support for teams with technical competence and know-how

- Regular process auditing 


- Information on factory-wide standards and rules

- Preparatory work for the Steering Team on final decision

- Organizing regular Team meetings of the Team of Experts

Role – Action Teams


- Attendance of regular Improvement meetings

- Participation in advanced training

- Participation in problem-solving in the team

- Assumption of personal responsibility and sponsorship

- Active participation in the implementation of ideas


- Coordination in teams across various shifts

- Using same methods and informing colleagues

- Joint and participatory creation of meeting plan

Role – Department and Line Managers at Gemba


- To support the process of change actively 

- Participation in improvement workshops

- Help in the implementation of actions

- Participation in the shaping of reasonable, feasible processes

- Leading by example in change activities


- Creating an environment for change

- Organizing release or backfill for staff

- Organizing the release of machines and facilities

- Support of visual management

- Maintenance of the qualification matrix of staffs

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