24. Jul. 2015

What is Gemba Kaizen?

by KII

A lot has been discussed, written and talked about Gemba KAIZEN. But what is Gemba KAIZEN? Are you really able to understand the true meaning of it? Are you really able to practice & live the Gemba KAIZEN™ way.

Gemba means “real place” (work spot)

KAIZEN means “change for better” (it is also known as Continual Improvement)

Gemba KAIZEN™ mean Continual Improvement at the Real Place

It is all about:

1.    Identifying

2.    Reducing

3.    Eliminating

Muda (Waste or non value adding activities or obstructions to flow) from your work processes, work spot.

This needs the real KAIZEN™ spirit without which this journey, should not be started or is incomplete. If there is no spirit there won’t be any impact. It has been observed that people so often fixate on teaching people tools, but without that "cheerfulness" &  the belief that things can get better, the tools or talks won't be put to good use. People have to think they NEED to get better and at the same time they also have to believe that they CAN get better. It seems too many workplaces or organizations lack that belief that things can get better. The whole KAIZEN™ Spirit dies with such think.

What is KAIZEN™ Spirit?

The KAIZEN™ spirit says that

1.    Shut up & Go to the Gemba (Real Place)

2.    Meet real people

3.    Collect real data

4.    Understand real situation

5.    Find real solutions

6.    Implement in a real hurry

Gemba KAIZEN is nothing but the common sense, low cost approach to continuous improvement that has helped several organization worldwide.

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