Team Work is at the heart of KAIZEN™

At the heart of KAIZEN™ is teamwork, making the philosophy a team building strategist's dream!

Teamwork is the buzzword and used by all organizations but the fact is very few companies actually does this. So why is there such mystery about developing a well-functioning team? This clearly shows that there is a disconnect between theory and how teams function in real life.

Team Work

Conditions for successful teamwork

Goals and Tasks

Requirements to the goals

Self influenced - Does the team have required resources? 

Measurable - How we recognize the goal has been reached ?

Attractive - Is it worth the effort? (purpose, recognition)

Realistic - feasible, attainable, challenging ?

Time limit - Is there a fixed date, time period?

Criteria for successful teamwork

General rules for teamwork

The 4 phases of the problem solving process

Use of check lists

Visual management  of team goals, measures and achievements

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