27. Feb. 2015

Lean Manufacturing: Its now or never!

by KII

The global industry in 21st century has forced many leaders/organizations in different sectors to implement more competitive manufacturing system. Lean manufacturing has been found as the standard manufacturing mode of the 21st century. It has been widely known and implemented since 1960. There is no alternative to Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing, if well implemented will be a guideline to be world class organization.

Many organizations that have mastered Lean manufacturing methods have substantial cost and quality advantages over those who are still practicing traditional mass production. The objective of Lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste from the processes within an organization. It can be applied successfully in any industry provided it has been understood properly. Many practices have been spoken & highlighted by academicians & practioners which are compulsory to be implemented, in order to gain full benefits of Lean. Often it is said that Lean is for large organization or it is only for manufacturing but the fact is it can be used by anybody and anyone irrespective of industry or size. Many SME’s as well as service organizations have successfully implemented Lean and have benefited out of it while there are many large organizations who have still not experienced the benefits of Lean/ Kaizen. Recently there was an article which talked about “Zero Effect, Zero Defect” model that will anchor 1 million SME’s.

The objective of this model will be to facilitate “Make In India” campaign, drive manufacturing without impacting the environment and bring down rejection rate & deliver quality products. So if SME’s are going to adopt & follow this model, why not the large organizations who have still not adopted Kaizen/ Lean in order to become world class.

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