3K : The Secret of Standardization

3K says that what has been decided, must be followed exactly as per the standards.

KIMERAARETA KOTO GA – What has been decided

KIHON DORI – Exactly as per the standard

KICHIN TO MAMORU- Must be followed

Lets us take a small example of traffic rules, what if one person does not stop at the red light. There could be an accident involving 2 to 3 people. But what if no one stops at the red light, there will be chaos and lot of people will meet with accidents throughout the day.

Similarly if standards are not followed in a factory what will happen? There will be lot of defects. The product quality will be very poor. There will be accidents and lot of wastage due to rejections. However, the most important requirement is the standard. What are the requirements of a standard? A standard should be:

  • Correct
  • Clear & precise
  • Easily understandable for instance, if the worker does not understand English, a standard written in it of no use.

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