Announcing the KAIZEN™ Week @ Africa

Announcing the KAIZEN™ Week –a week packed with learning opportunities  

We are delighted to present to you the KAIZEN™ Week, which is starting from 12th May to 16th May at the Nairobi Safari Club. The program is designed to introduce & refresh the concepts of KAIZEN™ that drives Manufacturing Excellence.

  • On 12th May the first program is about identifying the invisible wastes in your operations which kills productivity.
  • The second (13th May) day helps the participants learn value stream mapping – a powerful way to capture the current state, the current waste and a way to measure.
  • The third (14th May) day is devoted to equipment improvement and effectiveness – understand the sixteen losses related to equipment and how to reduce them.
  • The last two (15th & 16th May) days opens up the world of standardization and sustenance. Most organizations are challenged here and find it difficult to sustain whatever is improved.  Understand DWM – the practice behind sustenance.

Mark your diary for 12th to 16th May 2014 – Be there at Nairobi Safari club.

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