“KAIZEN™ in Gujarat Government Healthcare network”

“KAIZEN™ in Gujarat Government Healthcare network”

Happy to share that the Phase 1 of CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) through KAIZEN™ is nearing completion and phase 2 will roll out soon.

Humbled to witness the fantastic feedback from all-most all the 26 district hospitals, several PHC’s & CHC’s across Gujarat. They found 5s & Process improvement – two elements of Kaizen/CQI to be immensely beneficial and practical. Around 1630 doctors, nurses & technicians got trained across Gujarat over the past 6 months and most critically it is the process of learning by doing. One cannot learn swimming in the classroom similarly our entire Kaizen/CQI training has been on the hospital floor by tackling live improvement projects along with the team members .

We would like to thank the support & commitment of Dr. Jitu Lal Meena (State Quality Assurance Officer at Govt. of Gujarat) without which so much progress would not have been made.

Alone we are weak, Together we are strong.

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