Welcome PROBLEMS!!!

KAIZEN™ thinking always welcomes problems. When no problems are perceived, there can be no improvement. Hence, as we engage people (as said in my previous post) in the process of improvement, they must be encouraged to bring out problems and every such problem that comes out is perceived as a treasure – as it provides an opportunity for improvement.

A key thing to note is that people themselves should never be treated as a problem. In fact, the drive is to make problem as problem solvers.

No blaming

As we welcome problems, a culture of no blaming for anything going wrong is of paramount importance. A blaming culture always drives people into defensive positions and the real issues remains submerged for years. Judgementalism & blaming, lead to fear, no trust and often the misrepresentation of bad news. Focusing on the real issue or problem and not the person is important and this creates an open, trusting and communication rich environment.


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